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What is Shalom Business?

Shalom Business is a website that is dedicated to enrich the lives and businesses of Christians in business – a set of “Christian business principles”.

We live in a world that is permeated with a love of self. Every business person – and many Christian business people – ask the question: How will this or that action benefit me? Business decisions, life decisions, family decisions all seem to start with me. We all seem to have missed the point of love for each other and are only concerned with our own welfare.

In this site we give a different perspective to how Christians should view the world, and the business world in particular. An important matter to consider, is that one’s business life should not be any different to our family life or what we do for recreation – exactly the same principles apply. Think of it in terms of water in a container. The water can take different shapes as it moves from one container to the other. It may appear to be different, because it is in a different container. However, the water remains the same substance. So is it with our lives. We are to live out the same values in all facets of our lives.

This site is an atempt to provide the business leader with pure water. Some of the truth that will help him or her to successfully navigate a world of relativity, a world where there seems to be a lack of steadfastness.

The material has been used in businessmen cell group meetings and has initially been developed with that in mind. In due course we will add “participant manuals” for each chapter in order to facilitate working with the material in a group.

Enjoy the journey!